Father. Friend. Adventurer. Shareholder. Builder of Sales Teams.

A sales professional with more than 18 years serving other humans. Robert has built 109 sales teams of the last 6 years. He's sourced, vetted, hired, and managed more than 300 sales professionals through the same time.

He now runs RemoteRep.com, helping companies match with top sales talent, and serves his clients as a Fractional VP of Sales.

He is also a shareholder in several other sales forward organizations including Georgia Solar, and another where he builds cold calling teams for B2B offers.

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Robert keeps his calendar open for just about anything. The policy stems from a Russell Conwell quote. He said, "Money is a measure of exchanged value." As such, Robert is happy to exchange value with others at all times.

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Articles, videos, and distillations from the quirky mind of Robert Posey.

You'll find everything from building sales teams to fatherhood. Nothing but the truth.

The 4 Keys to Effortless RapportThe 4 Keys to Effortless Rapport

Definition of rapport: a friendly, harmonious relationship especially : a relationship characterized by agreement, mutual understanding, or empathy that makes communication possible or easy. (Merriem-Webster English Dictionary)

Time: Your most valuable resource. Stop giving it away to your prospects.

The first time I ever heard the quote, "A sales conversation is a conversation between two or more people with the intention to illicit a yes or a no from someone who has the ability to give a yes," I believe it was Kevin Nations who made the statement.

This 19 year old waitress is better at business than you!

So I asked her, "Are you talking about goals your managers set or your own goals?"

She responded, "No, they're my own personal goals. I know that on an average lunch shift my tabs run between $12 and $19. If I want to earn $50 per day, I need to be sit a minimum of 10 tables. When that's split between 3 servers, I rarely have the opportunity to hit my goal on Mondays and Tuesdays."

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Are you a skeptic by nature? It's cool. We have videos and images from people who tested the water before you. Here's some of what they've had to say.

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Top closer and door to door sales pro.


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